About Us

Thank you for clicking-in to find out more about Funseasonal tour & Travels. We hope this information is as important to you as it is to us. We are not big but our services are the best. We are in business to fulfill your expectations of what travel services should be (for the best moments of your life).

About Us

Our Story

One day, one jump and two years of passion

Establishment of Funseasonal started in 2014 by Ankush Gupta and now the name the well-known figure in the travel and tourism sector of our country. Funseasonal with the register office in Faridabad brings together two of the most significant players first is client & the agent who plan the tours as a dream holiday.

Funseasonal had made a name for itself and made a benchmark for people wishing to travel in full freedom and at the same time they can rely on constant and discreet assistance. Our tours are exclusive and highly demanding on customer base. Our tours characterized by the fascination of the sites and the luxury of the accommodation facility and the quality of the service offered with the richest choice of locations in every continent.

What We Do?

The best added value which we give to our client

  • Best tour vacation
  • Exclusive itineraries
  • Comfortable hotels
  • Satisfy specific requirements
  • We do pure relaxation holidays and special packages
  • Unwavering dedication of employees.
  • Constant and discreet assistance by staff
  • Assist customers in every step
  • Offered Quality services
  • Attention to every detail begins and before departure.

Our Vision

Our vision is to deliver professional, value-driven travel services (for the best moments of your life) that exceed the ordinary and delight our clients. Our vision is underpinned by our values. You have our promise that we will do everything we can to assist you. We do not like to say 'no', but when it is necessary, we won’t say no and leave you with no alternatives.

We’ll do our best to provide you with the best travel buying experiences, Quality services one trip at a time! Integrity, Honesty, Straight Forward and Sincerity are our values. When you put Funseasonal to work on your travel plans, expect nothing less. Professionalism Travel isn’t our hobby – it’s our occupation. We train and retrain ourselves every day because travel offerings and rules change daily. It’s not good enough to know what the rules were last month or week or yesterday. We know that the advice and guidance you asked us for has a great impact on your decisions. That’s why we seek to know and understand HOW travel works and HOW you can get the most out of it, personally emotionally and financially.

We are passionate about travel and helping others. Passion separates the good from the great. We don’t simply want to be another choice for you – we want to be the choice. Persistence we know you don’t like to hear “can’t do that” as a response… and neither do we. That’s why we continue to try and find ways “to make it happen” and “to make you happy” We will pursue your interest because it is your interest that we represent. Funseasonal gives you quality and feel you better at every step of travel services.


Our Team

Ankush Gupta

Founder & CEO

Monica Gupta


Himanshu Sharma


Our Business Associates

For the best moments of your life